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Staff Directory

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Athletics Administration Facilities & Equipment
Achievement Center Nelligan Sports Marketing
Athletic Medical and Rehabilitation Services Spirit Squads
Athletics Communications Strength & Conditioning
Compliance Tickets
External Affairs
Men's Basketball
Men's Golf
Men's Soccer
Swimming & Diving
Women's Basketball
Women's Cross Country
Field Hockey
Women's Golf
Women's Soccer
Swimming & Diving
Women's Track & Field

Name, PositionPhoneEmail
Athletics Administration   Return To Top
Kyle Moats, Director of Athletics (417) 836-5244 Ask the AD
Casey Hunt, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/SWA (417) 836-5246 caseyhunt@missouristate.edu
Deb O'Neal, Assistant Director of Athletics for Business Administration (417) 836-5244 DDishman@missouristate.edu
Rick Kindhart, Assistant Athletics Director for Communications (417) 836-4585 rkindhart@missouristate.edu
Kyle Yates, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance (417) 836-4377 kyleyates@missouristate.edu
Brenda Espy, Executive Assistant to AD (417) 836-5244 brendaespy@missouristate.edu
Lois Goldade, Administrative Assistant (417) 836-5242 loisgoldade@missouristate.edu
Laura King, Administrative Assistant (417) 836-5246 LKing@missouristate.edu
Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Achievement Center   Return To Top
Dan Raines, Director of Achievement Center for Intercollegiate Athletics (417) 836-4501 danielraines@missouristate.edu
Kendra Lewis, Academic Advisor (417) 836-6829 kendra005@live.missouristate.edu
Marcus Ozbun, Academic Counselor (417) 836-6829 MarcusOzbun@MissouriState.edu
Joan Newman, Administrative Assistant (417) 836-6829 JoanNewman@MissouriState.edu
Athletic Medical and Rehabilitation Services   Return To Top
Jim Penkalski, Director of Athletic Medical and Rehabilitation Services (417) 836-5461 jimpenkalski@missouristate.edu
Shannon Derricks, Assistant Director of Athletic Medical and Rehabilitation Services (417) 836-5461 shannonderricks@missouristate.edu
Mitch Hauschildt, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Physical Performance Coordinator (417) 836-5461 mhauschildt@missouristate.edu
Suzie Atkinson, Assistant Athletic Trainer (417) 836-5461 anzalone88@live.missouristate.edu
Tyler Landgraf, Assistant Athletic Trainer (417) 836-5461 tylerlandgraf@missouristate.edu
Amy Luke, Assistant Athletic Trainer (417) 836-5461 amy565@missouristate.edu
Steve Sawchak, Assistant Athletic Trainer (417) 836-5461 stevesawchak@missouristate.edu
Andilynn Beadles, Intern (417) 836-5461 abeadles@missouristate.edu
Becky Grant, Administrative Assistant (417) 836-5461 rebeccagrant@missouristate.edu
Athletics Communications   Return To Top
Rick Kindhart, Assistant Athletics Director for Communications (Football & Men's Basketball contact) (417) 836-4585 rkindhart@missouristate.edu
Ben Adamson, Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (Volleyball & Women's Basketball contact) (417) 836-4584 benadamson@missouristate.edu
Tim Bohn, Assistant Director of Athletics Communications-Web & New Media (Women's Soccer & Softball) (417) 836-4867 TBohn@missouristate.edu
Eric Doennig, Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (Baseball contact) (417) 836-4586 ericdoennig@missouristate.edu
Kevin Kane, Athletics Communications Assistant (Golf contact) (417) 836-4138 kevinkane@missouristate.edu
Kevin Agee, Athletics Communications Graduate Assistant (Field Hockey contact) (417) 836-5402 kevin24@live.missouristate.edu
Tyler Birnbaum, Athletics Communications Graduate Assistant (Cross Country, Track & Field and Swimming & Diving contact) (417) 836-5402 Tyler268@live.missouristate.edu
Matthew Lerman, Athletics Communications Graduate Assistant (Men's Soccer and Golf contact) (417) 836-5402 Lerman18@live.missouristate.edu
Compliance   Return To Top
Kyle Yates, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance (417) 836-4377 kyleyates@missouristate.edu
External Affairs   Return To Top
Kevin Greim, Senior Director of Athletics Development (417) 836-4143 kevingreim@missouristate.edu
Austin Schilling, Assistant Director of Athletics Development (417) 836-4143 aschilling@missouristate.edu
Art Hains, University Marketing Specialist (417) 836-4632 ahains@missouristate.edu
Julie Wright, External Affairs Administrative Assistant (417) 836-4143 juliewright@missouristate.edu
Facilities & Equipment   Return To Top
Randy Blackwood, Executive Director of Athletic & Entertainment Facilities (417) 836-6776 RandallBlackwood@MissouriState.edu
Keith Boaz, Director of Hammons Student Center/JQH Arena/Plaster Sports Complex (417) 836-5240 keithboaz@missouristate.edu
Laree Moore, Assistant Director of Hammons Student Center/JQH Arena/Plaster Sports Complex (417) 836-5240 lareemoore@missouristate.edu
Jared Schmidt, Men's Equipment Manager (417) 836-5430 JSchmidt@MissouriState.edu
Danny Weathermon, Women's Equipment Manager (417) 836-5056 dweathermon@missouristate.edu
Brenda O'Connell, Hammons Student Center Administrative Assistant (417) 836-5240 brendaoconnell@missouristate.edu
Missouri State Sports Properties   Return To Top
Frank Cuervo, General Manager (417) 836-5234 fmcuervo@missouristate.edu
Sharry Olson, Director of Sales and Marketing (417) 836-5235 SharryOlson@missouristate.edu
Spirit Squads   Return To Top
Susan Brown, Spirit Squad Coordinator (417) 836-6082 susanbrown@missouristate.edu
Strength & Conditioning   Return To Top
Terry Sauerbry, Director of Strength and Conditioning (417) 836-6910 tsauerbry@missouristate.edu
Jeremiah Frey, Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning (417) 836-6910 jfrey@missouristate.edu
Brian Burton, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (417) 836-6910 BBurton@MissouriState.edu
Tickets   Return To Top
Duane Miller, Director of Ticket Sales, Collegiate Consulting (417) 836-8899 DuaneMiller@missouristate.edu
Shannon Stanton, Athletics Ticket Manager (417) 836-7678 shannonstanton@missouristate.edu
Baseball   Return To Top
Keith Guttin, Head Coach (417) 836-4497 keithguttin@missouristate.edu
Paul Evans, Assistant Coach (417) 836-4496 paulevans@missouristate.edu
Brent Thomas, Assistant Coach (417) 836-5242 brentthomas@missouristate.edu
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Paul Lusk, Head Coach (417) 836-5250
Jermaine Henderson, Assistant Coach (417) 836-5250 JermaineHenderson@missouristate.edu
Brad Korn, Assistant Coach (417) 836-5250
Derrick Tilmon, Assistant Coach (417) 836-5250 DTilmon@MissouriState.edu
Sam McMahon, Director of Basketball Operations (417) 836-5250 SMcMahon@missouristate.edu
Cody Seidel, Administrative Assistant (417) 836-5250 CodySeidel@missouristate.edu
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Kellie Harper, Head Coach (417) 836-4136  
Jon Harper, Assistant Coach (417) 836-4136 JonHarper@missouristate.edu
Jennifer Sullivan, Assistant Coach (417) 836-4136 JenniferSullivan@MissouriState.edu
Jackie Stiles, Assistant Coach (417) 836-4136  
Scott Moore, Director of Basketball Operations (417) 836-4136 ScottMoore@missouristate.edu
Terrie Coulter, Administrative Assistant (417) 836-4136 tcoulter@missouristate.edu
Women's Cross Country   Return To Top
Ronald Boyce, Director of Track and Field/Cross Country (417) 836-4717 RonBoyce@MissouriState.edu
Alick Musukuma, Head Coach (417) 836-4498 AlickMusukuma@MissouriState.edu
Field Hockey   Return To Top
Gabby Gomez Sosa, Head Coach (417) 836-6968 GabbyGomez@MissouriState.edu
Sydney Van Der Merwe, Assistant Coach (417) 836-6873 SVanDerMerwe@MissouriState.edu
Football   Return To Top
Terry Allen, Head Coach (417) 836-5343 bearsfootball@missouristate.edu
D.J. Vokolek, Associate Head Coach-Defensive Coordinator (417) 836-5343 djvokolek@missouristate.edu
Rob Christophel, Assistant Coach-Offensive Coordinator (417) 836-5343 rchristophel@missouristate.edu
Wayne Chambers, Assistant Coach-Outside Linebackers (417) 836-5343 wchambers@missouristate.edu
Sean Coughlin, Assistant Coach-Offensive Line (417) 836-5343 seancoughlin@missouristate.edu
Gerald Davis, Assistant Coach-Running Backs (417) 836-5343 davis649@live.missouristate.edu
Ben Barkema, Assistant Coach-Tight Ends (417) 836-5343 BBarkema@missouristate.edu
Courtney Sanders, Assistant Coach-Defensive Line (417) 836-5343 csanders@missouristate.edu
B.J. Stotser, Assistant Coach-Secondary (417) 836-5343 bjorn031@missouristate.edu
Mike Chandler, Assistant Coach-Receivers (417) 836-5343 mchandler@missouristate.edu
Taiwo Onatolu, Assistant Coach-Inside Linebackers (417) 836-5343 AOnatolu@missouristate.edu
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Neal Stafford, Head Coach (417) 836-4863 nealstafford@missouristate.edu
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Kevin Kane, Head Coach (417) 836-4138 kevinkane@missouristate.edu
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
Jon Leamy, Head Coach (417) 836-5243 jonleamy@missouristate.edu
Michael Seabolt, Associate Head Coach (417) 836-5242 mseabolt@missouristate.edu
Ger Coppinger, Assistant Coach (417) 836-5242 gcoppinger@missouristate.edu
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Rob Brewer, Head Coach (417) 836-6654 robertbrewer@missouristate.edu
TBA, Assistant Coach
Softball   Return To Top
Holly Hesse, Head Coach (417) 836-8384  
Sue Frederick, Associate Head Coach (417) 836-8384 SueFrederick@missouristate.edu
Beth Perine, Associate Head Coach (417) 836-8384 bethperine@missouristate.edu
Swimming & Diving   Return To Top
Dave Collins, Head Coach (417) 836-5466 davidcollins@missouristate.edu
James Huelskamp, Diving Coach (417) 836-5466 jameshuelskamp@missouristate.edu
TBA, Assistant Coach
Chelsea Dirks-Ham, Assistant Coach (417) 836-5466 dirks-ham5150@live.missouristate.edu
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Mallory Weber, Head Coach (417) 836-8211 MWeber@missouristate.edu
Women's Track & Field   Return To Top
Ronald Boyce, Director of Track and Field and Cross Country (417) 836-4717 RonBoyce@MissouriState.edu
Alick Musukuma, Assistant Coach (417) 836-4498 AlickMusukuma@MissouriState.edu
Mike Scott, Assistant Coach (417) 836-5242 MScott@MissouriState.edu
Volleyball   Return To Top
Melissa Stokes, Head Coach (417) 836-8375 melissastokes@missouristate.edu
Jeni Jones, Associate Head Coach (417) 836-3095 jenijones@missouristate.edu
TBA, Assistant Coach