Missouri State Postgame Quotes vs. Northern Iowa



Cedric Alvis

On being on the field so many minutes in the first half:

"It didn't do too much. Really, we hurt ourselves with penalties and giving up big plays. We had them in third and long situations numerous times. So being on the field for a certain amount of time didn't really do anything to us. Basically, we let them stay in the game and let them drive down the field and make plays."

 On what he will take from the game:

"Defensively, we can take a lot out of it. We gave up 35 points, but they got a turnover at the 10 yard line that we should have held to a field goal at least. But that is a pretty good team, and we forced them to third and long situations, so that gives us hope for the rest of our schedule."


David Arkin

On the physical battle:

"When we ran the ball we didn't get enough movement. We didn't really pass protect that well. We just didn't get it done."

On the great turn out:

"We had a great crowd, and this was as full as I've ever seen the stadium. We didn't really give them anything to cheer for, or anything to really get excited, so that was really disappointing."


Cody Kirby

On the game:

"We got beat by a really good team. But we're a lot better than we showed today. The defense put their hearts out there today, and offensively, we've got to find a way to match them. We need to find a way to put up points and be productive like I know we can be. We didn't execute as well as wanted to today."

On the pass rush:

"I think they stuck to their game plan. It was like we saw them on film and our coaches put together a good game plan, but we just didn't execute as well as we should have."

On the impact of not capitalizing on the early UNI turnover:

"The defense has stepped up well over these past few weeks. Anytime the defense can get a turnover and give the offense moment and an opportunity, we've got to be able to put points on the board."



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