Missouri State-Western Illinois Postgame Quotes



Oct. 27, 2012

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Caleb Schaffitzel on practice leading up to the game this week:
“At the beginning of the season, there was a lot of frustration with losing. Nobody wants to lose and everybody was trying to figure what’s going on. Now that we’re starting to pick it up and win, practice is more up-tempo and guys are wanting to go out there and get better because we’re getting some momentum on our side. It’s fun to win. Nobody wants to lose and we want to keep winning.”

Caleb Schaffitzel on winning three consecutive games: “It’s a good feeling winning three in-a-row. I know it gives us confidence going into next week. North Dakota State is a really good team and we needed this win.”

Caleb Schaffitzel on scouting Western Illinois well:
“Our defense came out and they did what our coaches told us to do. Our lineman went out there and did their thing. They had a really good running back, #38 was a big ole’ boy and he could tote the ball. I feel like our defensive line did what they were supposed to do and our linebackers stepped up and played well and our DBs covered them down.”

Kierra Harris on winning in a dominating fashion:
“It’s always good to win two back-to-back and then come back and win the third one. But, like Randy said to the newspaper, it’s Homecoming and you always want to win big on Homecoming. Next week is Senior Night and this win is big for us. We haven’t won three games in-a-row since ’04, so this game was definitely big for us.”

Kierra Harris on the offensive mindset going into this game: “We knew that we could run the ball on them. And we knew if they tried to stack the box, we could go outside with them. So, they had to pick their poison. Our tailback did a great job finding the holes and the whole offensive line deserves a lot of credit for creating those holes.”

Rodney Kelly on having a 28-3 lead at halftime:
“Defensively, when we got into the locker room, we said that were going to finish and that’s what we were really focused on. We were up and thinking that the score was still 0-0, so that we would come out and not slack off or get too comfortable. We wanted to come out and put our foot on the gas and keep everything rolling.”

Coach Terry Allen on seeing the team grow up:
“We’re excited about next week. We went out and took care of business today. Caleb Schaffitzel had an outstanding game and Nick Canavan. We did some things well on both sides of the ball. The backups were in halfway through the fourth quarter until they had a penalty. We can’t turn the ball over with three interceptions that we did. We’ll take one of them from the coaching staff. We tried to get a little fancy there and tried to run a little reverse pass. Kierra is going to take one from the first pick he threw. The third pick, he got hit right as he released it and it looked like he threw it right to the guy. If we’re going to win against the next two opponents, we can’t turn the ball over like that. There were an awful lot of good things. We’re getting better on special teams and I just feel real good about it.”

Coach Terry Allen on the strong defensive play:
“They are struggling offensively, there is no question about that, but we are playing pretty well defensively. I think the big key was when they had it 1st and goal on the 5 when it was 7 to nothing. We forced them to kick a field goal that was longer than from the 5-yard line. And then after that, we got some scores offensively. Our defense really controlled the line of scrimmage.”

Coach Terry Allen on getting to play backups with a big lead in the second half:
“It was nice to be able to play the number of people that we did. That is really what is a lot of fun is when you get a chance late in the year to get almost everybody on the roster in the game for Homecoming, when it’s by far the largest attended game as far as families are concerned. You saw Josh Mattes get in there. We purposely threw a pass there at the end, not to try and score a touchdown or rub sand in anybody’s face, but that was Duane Atteberry. Duane is a great story. He has been a walk-on in our program and is a senior. He got hurt this summer right before preseason camp. Now he is able to come out. For him to get a catch, that is what college football is all about. Fun things for guys that come on their own dime and get a chance to play.”



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