Postgame Quotes vs. South Dakota State



Oct. 19, 2013

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Head Coach Terry Allen
"We've always got to make it difficult on ourselves. We went into this game and harped and harped all week about not wanting to turn the football over. We did that throughout the course of the first half, and then obviously the turnovers in the second half gave them an opportunity to get back in the game."

"We ended up rushing for 352 yards. That's a pretty good effort, getting 7.5 yards per rush. It was nice to have Ryan Heaston back. We were kind of chuckling at Ryan, though, because nobody catches Ryan, unless he runs out of gas. He'll be doing some additional windsprints this week to get him better-conditioned because he hasn't been doing that as he's been working his way back from the shoulder injury."

"We thought we could (run the ball well). We did it to them last year. Last year, we spread them out and literally played four wide receivers the whole game. This year, Sean Coughlin did a nice job of changing blocking schemes and getting onto the linebacker, and that made a huge difference for us. Having Ryan back obviously helped. Then Ashton's run when we were trying to get a first down, and he went 60."

Ashton Glaser
"I think that they took a bad angle because I wasn’t really running too fast. We tried to fake the sweep and it worked out perfectly. I think they came down on the sweep and I was able to get up in the crease and luckily make it to the end zone."

"It felt really good to make up for (the fumble), but I can’t make that play, especially as a senior. I have to take care of the football."

"I had a little grudge to pick with (South Dakota State) after last year’s performance. I went into the game not really prepared, so obviously I wanted to make this homecoming as great as possible and I wanted to make my opportunities as good as possible. So, I needed to put myself in a good situation. Our offensive line did a great job – we were able to pound the rock and I think we had over 300 yards rushing, and that made my job a lot easier right there."

Ryan Heaston
"I’m pretty sure everybody saw me get caught [from behind in the first half]. That’s just something I need to work on. That’s probably the only thing I didn’t like about today, but everything else I felt good about. … My legs just weren’t cooperating with the rest of my body and so it was a little struggle."

Howard Scarborough
"(The win) felt good, especially on homecoming. This is my last homecoming and it was good to see Ashton lead us to a victory and get a good win for the fans."

"This is very good. It’s a good way to go out on our homecoming, and South Dakota’s a great team, Zach Zenner’s a great running back and we contained him pretty well today and we got a good victory."

Caleb Schaffitzel
"It feels really good. Nobody can really understand how we feel right now unless you’re on this team. To see our offense step up and have great success, and then have the defense have a couple mishaps [it was big]. But our offense had our back and that’s what it’s all about. It just feels really good."



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