Missouri State vs. South Dakota Postgame Quotes



Oct. 13, 2012

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Terry Allen

One thing we talked about with our football team last night was pride. That’s the thing that really came shining through for me, is that they showed a lot of pride in their program and in themselves and got themselves in a position to win the football game. Hats off to the snapper, kicker and holder for knocking it through the uprights to get the victory.

We hadn’t been stellar offensively. We were kind of hit-and-miss. Julian Burton got behind the defense, Kierra threw a good ball, and that just ignited the sideline. When that happened, it changed the momentum on the sideline and got our guys fired up defensively that they had a chance of winning.

Those kids were happy. There were more tears of joy from our guys, and that makes this a great win. People can say it’s a meaningless game in October. I’ll tell you what – it meant a lot to our football team, and I know it meant a lot to that football team. There were guys lying on the ground out there. That’s the great thing about college athletics vs. professional athletics. I haven’t cried after a game in a long time. I shared in their teardrops, and I’m happy to say I did.

Austin Witmer

I was just trying to relax and not take too many kicks on the sideline to start with. But those two timeouts – that’s happened to me a couple of times in my career. It happened last weekend, actually, at Indiana State, so it’s nothing. Coach Allen said after the second timeout, the good thing is they have no more timeouts left.

I’m assuming Tuesday will be the same as any other week. We’ll get back out there and get back to work, do the same drills we’ve been doing all year.

Kierra Harris

We just started clicking. We had a fast tempo and started getting on their heels. They got nervous trying to play coverage against us, and I was able to find some open spots. The receivers and linemen made big plays.

I felt like we had a shot from the start. I know we started out slow, but we always have confidence in ourselves. It’s a team effort.

The locker room wasn’t down. We know what we can do, but when you’ve got 13 penalties in the first half, it’s kind of hard to move the ball. We didn’t change much. We knew what we could do. We knew we were beating ourselves, so we just minimized the penalties and executed on offense and things just fell into place.

This gets that monkey off our backs. We really needed that one. A home game in front of the home crowd, we really appreciate the people who came out. It wasn’t a big crowd, but we’re very thankful for the people who came out to support us.

Anthony Grady

I think we finally just came together. All week, we’ve been talking about family and clicking and staying together no matter what the circumstances are. That comes with the team, everybody trying to get together to build team chemistry. That’s what the defense has been trying to do. I know we’ve been doing well the last couple of weeks, but I don’t think we’ve been involved as a team with the offense. That’s one thing we’ve been trying to do, so I’m real excited about that.

We were just good on the perimeter. We didn’t change that much. Like Coach Vokolek said, we weren’t being physical enough. We finally got our heads on right and started thinking about and eventually we matched their physicality and that started working for us.

I’m speechless. There’s not much to say. It’s a well-deserved win. Words can’t describe how I’m feeling right now. Being 0-6 and putting in the extra work, the two-a-days, the winter workouts. It’s just amazing. You know your coaches are doing their jobs and work hard every day. We’re in there extra time, overtime doing things, and we just haven’t been clicking. It was the worst feeling in the world to see your teammates working that hard and every Saturday being a loss. I’m just really excited about how we’re playing.



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