Missouri State vs. Illinois State Postgame Quotes



Oct. 8, 2011

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Missouri State Head Coach Terry Allen Postgame Quotes

On his team's second-half performance:

I don't know if we've ever had a football team that has played as poorly as we did in the second half. We just stunk it up. WE are a fragile football and when things gobad, you can see what can happen and they certainly. That starts with me. That was a poorly played half of football played by Missouri State football team.

On Illinois State adjustments after two long TD passes early in the game:

They sure altered their defense. They got wise after that and started double coverage and that's when we have to come back and run the football. Unfortunately we weren't able to do that.

On Illinois State's rushing attack:

They do a nice job of defending the run. They do some of the blitzing and get some guys down there package-wise. The third quarter becomes a blur. They had possession for the majority of the third quarter, we give it back to them and then we come back down, have 13 guys on the field, we get caught for a holding penalty, we get caught for an illegal procedure and we're backed up. We played into their hands. All the things that an 0-6 football does when a little bit of adversity faces.

On Illinois State's late-game scoring:

We had some guys get tired out there and we had some guys missing plays. We lost focus and it goes back to being 0-5 and all of the sudden people are running it at you and you don't have the zip that you had when you were shutting down at 13-3. Guys weren't getting to their gaps that they were running through.

On time of possession disparity:

That is why the score ran away like it did in the fourth quarter. We couldn't mount anything offensively and the defense was out there literally the whole second half. Consequently they scored five touchdowns and 35 points against us in the second half, which leads to your demise.



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