Postgame Quotes vs. Illinois State



Sept. 28, 2013

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Head Coach Terry Allen
"It's good to be 1-0 in the league. Our kids were extremely excited at the conclusion of the game, and we really want to thank the people who hung in there with us out there. It was miserable, but I really appreciate going over to our students and the cheer squad and the poms and being able to have some celebration. Those guys have been in some close football games and come up short. It was the loudest singing of the fight song, for the conditions, that I've heard in a long time."

"The turnovers were a key factor in the football game. There's no question about that. I felt very fortunate to be ahead 14-10 at half after we actually lost the turnover battle, 2-0. But then we came out in the second half and our defense was pretty dominant up front. The weather conditions weren't the best, and we created five turnovers and got to play a whole bunch of people and that's great."

"I really want to compliment Dorian Buford. He was so wide open on the early pass play that went through his fingertips. They obviously had a coverage bust, and Kierra didn't realize he was as wide open as he was. I think Kierra might've thrown the ball 60 yards, when if he'd thrown it 40, we would've scored. But then Dorian came back and really made a great catch and a phenomenal run after the catch after Gannon Sinclair, the big 6-foot-7 kid had a big catch on third down to keep that drive going. I think mentally, it was really good for our offense to put points on the board because we've put our defense in some precarious positions and they were feeling the heat of that."

Caleb Schaffitzel
"As a defense, we executed our plays and then allowed the offense to do their thing and they did their thing. It was a good job."

"(The win) picks us up a lot. Over the past couple of weeks (morale) has been down, and I think we just have to enjoy this moment, enjoy this feeling because it’s awesome. We’re going to watch film on Sunday and enjoy it a little bit more and then we’ll Monday off and Tuesday will come around and it will be the next week."

Kierra Harris
"(The blocked field goal) was key. We didn’t execute that first drive and you’re not supposed to rely on your defense, but our defense has our back, so it was a big factor in the game."

"The game plan was basically boundless, take what we could get. But the offensive line came out ready to play so we decided to pound the ball a little bit more."

"(The offense) came together well, better than in the previous four (games), but I have to give my hat off to the defense. They created I don’t know how many turnovers, but it was a lot. And those turnovers gave us good field position."

Dorian Buford
"The receiver’s job is to catch the ball. You’re going to have drops as a receiver, but I’m just happy Kierra came back to me and he knew I was going to make the second play."

"It’s an opportunity to be 2-0. We could crush their dreams going up there and beating them at their place. … The team is pretty excited to go forward."

Anthony Grady
"It’s definitely big. Coming off really close games, we’re so used to close games coming down to the wire. So when you get a game when you blow them out, it’s definitely a confidence booster."

Phoenix Johnson
"It felt really good getting my first (touchdown). I’m always ready to go in, so when the opportunity hit, I just took advantage of it. But I couldn’t have done that without the wideouts and linemen. So I give the credit to them."



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