2014 NCAA Division I Men's Swimming & Diving Championships Day 1 Quotes



March 27, 2014


Opening Thoughts
Head Coach Dave Collins
I was very pleased with both Paul and Uvis' swims this morning. I felt they both did a nice job of managing their emotions and swimming their race.  Although he just missed making finals, I felt Paul's school record swim sets him up really well for the backstroke events.  He has a lot of confidence so it will be fun to see what happens.

For Uvis, we will look to build on today's experience and double the distance in tomorrow's 400 IM.

What did you think about leading the whole race out of lane 8, an outside lane in a circle-seeded swim with the announcer saying your name the whole race?
Junior Paul Le
I didn't know that. I guess if I was in 4 or 5 or in one of the middle lanes I would have focused on trying to be in front of the pack. But being in lane 8, I didn't think I was going to do as well so I was just carefree, I didn't overthink the race. I went with the flow. I kind of  like lane 8 because I don't worry too much, I really only focused on swimming my own race, and wasn't focusing on what was around me. I tried to stare at my lane and not look at other people.

Talk about your experience so far
Sophomore Uvis Kalnins
It's very exciting, it's a lot of fast swimming and only proves that swimming gets faster by every year, by every season and gets harder to get to the top.

It's really cool getting to see some of the guys actually in person when you see them at world championships on TV. And its a really great experience to be with Uvis, my teammate, and just to watch fast swimming and look up to some of those guys and see where we need to work on our races.

What's the atmosphere of the meet so far?
It's feels great, you're in the same building with some of the world's top swimmers.

You have the opportunity to race them.

You get to be in the same heat with and race them.

How did your first race go?
It went well.  I was expecting to go a little bit faster, but since it was my first race and it was in the morning, I think I have a lot of things to improve on my upcoming races.  So I think I will be good.

I think it went pretty well.

How does it set-up for the rest of the meet?
I went a best time, so hopefully I can keep going with that and I have a positive attitude toward the rest of my races. Last year I added in two of my races, so hopefully I have a great start to this meet and hopefully ride that wave and keep swimming fast.

Looking some of the other competitors in the meet and watching some of the other races what's the biggest thing you've noticed that other guys are doing in their races or preparation to go fast?

I feel like they are warming up a bunch, eating before their races, eating a snack, they're not really caring about other races around them, just making sure they are taking care of their bodies, staying hydrated.

Staying focused. Stayed focused on themselves and not whats going on around them.

What's the biggest thing that you did not expect?
I didn't expect the meet to be as fast as at it was.  I knew that it was going to be faster than last year, but for example, the top 8 in the 200 IM was more than a second faster than it was last year.  So that was a surprise for me.

Swimming is getting much faster every day.  It's just going to keep getting harder and harder from here on out [to make the meet]. I wasn't expecting the 200 IM to be that fast just to make it back in. It's only going to get harder from here on out.



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