Mission Statement

(approved by the Board of Governors October 1995, revised November 1999, December 2001, October 2003)

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Missouri State University (MSU) is committed to an intercollegiate athletics program which complements the mission of the University and operates in accordance with the principles and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As a member of various athletics conferences, MSU is committed to academic and athletics excellence, sound fiscal management practices, enhancement of the physical and educational welfare of student-athletes, equal opportunity, character development, principles of amateurism, as well as the fundamental values of sportsmanship, civility, and the common virtue of good citizenship.

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Missouri State University is committed to excellence in intercollegiate athletics and is governed by the following principles: 1) conducting a broad-based Division I athletics program in accordance with the constitution and by-laws for The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the athletic conference (s) in which the University holds membership, and 2) funding of intercollegiate athletics through a combination of appropriated and student-fee monies, gate receipts, donations, and fundraising endeavors by the athletics department. To meet these principles, the intercollegiate athletics program at the University is administered with integrity and sound fiscal practices.

The Missouri State University intercollegiate athletics program exists to complement the mission and goals of the University. As an integral part of the University, the intercollegiate athletics program promotes and develops academic and athletic excellence; principles of amateurism, and such educational values as leadership, perseverance, responsibility, hard work, team effort, cooperation, sportsmanship, discipline, dedication, self-confidence, ethical conduct of student-athletes and coaches, and other positive attributes of human development and citizenship.

The intercollegiate athletics program is designed to accomplish the following objectives: 1) provide equal opportunity to all student-athletes, regardless of race or gender, to achieve the highest level of competence in their athletic and academic endeavors; 2) comply with the University's Equal Employment Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Policies by providing equal opportunity for, as well as nondiscriminatory treatment of, all Athletic Staff, regardless of race or gender; 3)establish positive visibility on the local and the national scenes which supports the educational experience; 4) create the opportunity to generate significant revenue from spectator and media interest; and 5) achieve success at the conference, regional, and national levels. Athletics events are conducted in a competitive environment that provides entertainment and identity for such constituencies as the student body, faculty, staff, alumni, and the general public.

These athletics events are used to enhance the overall image and stature of the University by: 1) gaining print and electronic media exposure which highlights academic programs and campus life, as well as the athletics program. 2) contributing to the University efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student populations, 3) generating revenue from fundraising activities that are supported by the general public, alumni, local businesses, and major corporations.

Missouri State University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics for men and women exists to complement the mission and goals of the institution. Since co-curricular activities aid in the intellectual, physical and social development of students, there is an important role for intercollegiate athletics at Missouri State University.

The athletics program at the University is an integral part of the total program of instruction and recreation. The athletics environment should provide challenging opportunities for highly skilled student-athletes to compete against challenging opponents. In addition to skill development, the athletics program is designed to provide meaningful opportunities for development of leadership, intellectual, social, and emotional development of the student-athletes.

The athletics program recognizes that a strong athletics program can make a significant contribution to the institution, due to its high visibility. However, the program must place emphasis on the quality of experience gained by the student-athlete. It must be understood that pressure to win without regard to the academic and physical well-being of the student-athlete must be avoided.

Acceptable attitudes and sportsmanship are vital elements in the athletics program. Student-athletes are expected to represent the University in an acceptable manner by displaying respect for the rules of the contest and by showing respect to fellow participants, opposing teams or individuals, coaches and officials. Furthermore, the institution has a responsibility to ensure that members of the athletics staff and fans of the team exhibit good sportsmanship and acceptable conduct at events in which University teams are competing. Participating teams, coaches and fans involved with the athletics program must recognize that their actions reflect upon the institution's program, the University, and themselves.

The athletics department has the responsibility to see that each student-athlete maintains a course of study leading to a baccalaureate degree. The athletics department and the institution will make every effort to ensure that all student-athletes are provided the necessary academic advisement and academic assistance (e.g. tutorial services) necessary to earn their degree. The athletics program will be conducted under procedures and policies that are considered sound, acceptable and ethical educational practices. The athletics program at Missouri State University will be administered in accordance with the policies of the conference and national organizations in which the University maintains membership.