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Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning


Director: Terry Sauerbry

Assistant Director: Jeremiah Frey

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach: Brian Burton

Mission Statement

Our job as a staff is train each athlete to the best of our ability. A definitive plan will be put in place for all aspects of the program to ensure that the final product is effective. We will train each athlete using movements that are varied, complex, and require a great deal of force development. Emphasis will be placed on movements that are ground based and employ a closed- chain kinetic multi- joint action. Our ultimate goal is to increase rate of force development and have functional strength. Functional exercises done for performance enhancement will also help the athletes be resistant to injury.


At Missouri State we will train with free weights and perform barbell exercises that require a great deal of concentration and effort. Each workout will be total body in nature and it will begin with our Olympic lifts followed by the squatting and pressing exercises. We then complete are auxiliary lifts followed by our core work. However, it is important to remember that the sum of all we do- speed work, agility drills, lifting, conditioning, etc.- that determines the overall training effect and that no one part is greater than the whole.


The goal of our strength & conditioning programs are to improve power and strength of the hips, legs, back, trunk, and shoulders for the purpose of improving athletic performance and preventing injuries.

Plaster Sports Complex Strength Center

Strength & Conditioning

Jim D. Morris Family Strength & Conditioning Center

Strength & Conditioning

Internship Opportunities

Missouri State University Strength & Conditioning Internships are an excellent opportunity for students to develop the skills needed to start a successful career as a strength & conditioning coach, sports performance specialist, or personal trainer. The student will gain valuable knowledge, hands on experience, and valuable skills such as exercise technique, program design, performance testing, building a rapport with student-athletes, and facility scheduling. For more information about an internship opportunity, please contact Terry Sauerbry, Director of Strength and Conditioning, Missouri State University, 901 South National Ave, Springfield, MO 65897, or via e-mail tsauerbry@missouristate.edu. No Phone Calls Please!