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Director of Athletics Kyle Moats will periodically answer questions submitted by you the fan. Below are the selected questions and Mr. Moats' answers. To submit your question to Mr. Moats, click HERE.

October 24, 2013:

It is my understanding that Missouri State was concidering taking bowling from a club level to an NCAA level. Is this true and/or has the University already decided? I have a bowler here at my center that would love to know. I also had a bowler that now bowls for Central Missouri this year that would have loved to attend MSU.

Thank you for your time.

Beth B., El Dorado Springs, Mo.

President Smart commissioned a Task Force a year and a half ago to study the composition of sports and the need to add women's sports to meet Federal Title IX requirements. MSU is a Prong 1 institution which means we must reach and mirror the institution's ratio of male and female students. Bowling is a sport under consideration for the future, but the Task Force recommended adding women's tennis initially. Please go to the link ( to find out more about how the decision and the strategy moving forward.

Will men's cross-country be reinstated?

Steven M., St. Louis, Mo.

Due to our current female enrollment percentages at MSU, it is highly unlikely we would add any men's sports at this time. Due to Title IX regulations and implications, Athletics must mirror the university's enrollment composition. This is considered Prong 1 of Title IX which is called Proportionality. For example if the University has 60% females, then Athletics must have 60% female student-athletes. We just added women's tennis for the fall of 2014.

I believe I read your answer on getting a new (turf) field which it says after next season ... I went to watch a few of my old ODP players Friday and Sunday and the stadium is ridiculous with imperfections.

Chuck M., St. Louis, Mo.

I appreciate your note. Thanks for attending one of our matches in support of your former club members. You bring up some good points which we are addressing. MSU students recently passed a fee that will help fund a new soccer/track stadium. This stadium will be ready for the fall of 2014. Regarding scheduling, the NCAA only allows 20 contests. As of today, our team is unbeaten in conference play, and I know Coach Brewer is looking forward to the conference tournament.