Men's Indoor Records

55m High Hurdles:7.43, Scott Meadows; 1991, at Carbondale, III.

55m Dash: 6.25, Ronald Washington; 1996, at Fayetteville, Ark.

60m Dash: 6.77, Andre Estwick; 1999 at Fayetteville, Ark.

60m High Hurdles: 7.98, Rolandis Nash, 2003 at Lexington, Ky.

200m Dash: 21.41, Jamial Rolle; 2002, at Fayetteville, Ark.

300m Dash: 36.33, Steve Silvey; 1990, at Fayetteville, Ark.

400m Dash: 47.21, Ryan Smith; 2001, at Ames, Iowa.

500m Dash: 1:05.33, Mark Snyder; 1987, at Fayetteville, Ark.

600yd Run: 1:10.74, Alexis Roberts; 2003, at Lawrence, Kan.

600m Run: 1:20.56, Calvin Harris; 1992, at Normal, III.

800m Run: 1:49.61, Billy Rainey; 1991, at Ames, Iowa

1000m Run:2:24.76, Scott Stevener; 1993, at Ames, Iowa

Mile (1,609.344m) Run: 4:03.63, Blake Boldon; 2003, at Lexington, Ky.

3000m Run: 8:15.74, Dan Dwyer; 1976, at Oklahoma City, Okla.

5000m Run: 14:25.04, Jeff Roth; 1979, at Springfield, Mo.

4x400m Relay: 3:07.22, (Justin Alberts, Alexis Roberts, Ryan Smith, Jamial Rolle); 2002, at Ames, Iowa

4x800m Relay: 7:41.20, (Danny Rainey, Ricardo Salinas, Calvin Harris, Billy Rainey); 1991, at Carbondale, III.

Distance Medley Relay: 9:48.34, (Jamie Wynne, Jason Hanna, James McCrackin, Chad Gardner); 3/3/95, at Ames, Iowa

Long Jump: 25 feet, 4 3/4 inches, BaBou Saine; 1992, at Fayetteville, Ark.

Triple Jump: 52 feet, 5 1/2 inches, Greg Crookendale; 1998, at Normal, III.

High Jump: 6 feet, 10 inches, Curt Brand; 1986, at Cedar Falls, Iowa; 1/17/87, at Columbia, Mo.; and Larry Coose, 1990, at Columbia, Mo.

Pole Vault: 16 feet, 6 1/2 inches, Rick Lotterer; 1992, at Fayetteville, Ark.

Shot Put: 56 feet, 9 1/4 inches, John Gianini; 1979, at Champaign, III.

35 lb. Weight: 51 feet, 8 inches, Steve Vincent; 1990, at Cedar Falls, Iowa

Men's Outdoor Records

100-Yard (91.44m) Dash: 9.5. Robert Looney, 1964, at Kirksville, Mo.

100m Dash: 10.19, Clarkson Reid; 1998, at Normal, III.

120-Yard (109.728m) High Hurdles: 14.2, Roger Fischer, 1973, at Crawfordsville, Ind.

110m High Hurdles: 13.95, Tony Billups; 1992, at Des Moines, Iowa

200m Dash: 20.89, Billy Williams; 1992, at Des Moines, Iowa

220-Yard (201.168m) Dash: 21.5, Ernie Johnson, 1970, at Kirksville, Mo.

400m Dash: 46.94, Justin Alberts; 2005, at Cedar Falls, Iowa

400m IM Hurdles: 50.27, Ryan Smith; 2002, at Des Moines, Iowa

440-Yard (402.336m) IM Hurdles: 53.34, Earl Turley, 1973, at Cape Girardeau. Mo.

440-Yard (402.336m) Dash: 48.0. Mark Lux, 1977, at Maryville. Mo.

440-Yard (402.336m) Relay: 41.0, (Ernest Johnson, James Sims, Edwin Pole, Jay Mackay), 1968, at Hayward. Calif.

480-Yard (438.912m) Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 61.0, (Steve Lewis, Gary Goerss, Earl Turley, Roger Fischer), 1972, at Lawrence, Kan.; and (Earl Turley, Jon Berbert, Steve Lewis, Roger Fischer), 1973, at Springfield, Mo.

440m Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 56.50, (Scott Meadows, Steve Jones, Tony Billups, Austin Crawford), 1991, at Philadelphia, Pa.

800m Run: 1:48.48, Billy Rainey; 1992, at Lincoln, Neb.

880-Yard Run (804.672m): 1:50.6. Jay Keal, 1972. at Springfield. Mo.

880-Yard (804.672m) Relay: 1:28.1, (Earl Turley, Rick Geddes, Tom Herman, Randy Luxton), 1973, at Austin, Texas

1500m Run: 3:42.73, Blake Boldon; 2003, at Fayetteville, Ark.

Mile (1,609.344m) Relay: 3:16.2, (Earl Turley, Tom Herman, Randy Luxton, Jay Keal), 1972, at Springfield, Mo.

Mile Run (1,609.344m): 4:08.8, Dan Dwyer, 1976, at Springfield, Mo.

3,000m Steeplechase: 8:50.24, Howie Orndoff; 1976, at Jefferson City, Mo.

Two-Mile (3,218.688m) Run: 8:56.6, Dan Dwyer, 1975, at Springfield. Mo.

Two-Mile (3,218.688m) Relay: 7:41.41, (Brett Key, Russ Brethower, Duane Stueven, Dave Billman), 1982, at Charleston, III.

Three-Mile (4,828.032m) Run: 13:39.8, Dan Dwyer, 1976, at Austin, Texas

5,000m Run: 14:08.8, Dan Dwyer; 1976, at Austin, Texas

10,000m Run: 29:19.14, Dan Dwyer; 1976, at Austin, Texas

4x100m Relay: 40.54, (Roger Hawkins, Clarkson Reid, Greg Crookendale, Andre Estwick), 1998, at Cedar Falls, Iowa

4x200m Relay: 1:28.30, (Mark Snyder, Jim Nishimura, Rich Harman, Brian Van Fosson), 1984, at Cape Girardeau, Mo.

4x400m Relay: 3:08.16, (Jamial Rolle, Justin Alberts, Demetrius Emmanuel, Alexis Roberts), 2002, at Cedar Falls, Iowa

4x800m Relay: 7:37.55, (Rod Pixler, Dave Billman, Mark Haynes, Matt Wegenka), 1985, at Lawrence, Kan.

Four-Mile (6,437.376m) Relay: 16:50.75, (Matt Wegenka, Brandon White, Mike McTernan, Sean Seley), 1987, Lawrence, Kan.>

Six-Mile (9,656.064m) Run: 28:15.0, Dan Dwyer, 1976, at Des Moines, Iowa

Distance Medley Relay: 9:45.60, (Rod Pixler, Mark Haynes, Matt Wegenka, Brandon White), 1987, at Des Moines, Iowa

Sprint Medley Relay: 3:20.98, (Billy Williams, Tony Billups, Willie Askew, Billy Rainey), 1992, at Lawrence, Kan.

4x1500m Relay: 16:04.46, (Chad Gardner, Jamie Wynne, Ricardo Salinas, Jeff Wacker), 1994, at Austin, Texas

Sprint-Medley Relay: 3:29.0, (Tim Baker, Ray Pritchett, Mark Lux, Lyndon Sinele), 1977, at Springfield, Mo.

Distance Medley Relay: 9:45.60. (Rod Pixler, Mark Haynes. Matt Wegenka, Branton White), 1987, at Des Moines, Iowa

Marathon: 2:26:46 hours, Rick Callison, 1976, at Toledo, Ohio

Pole Vault: 16 feet, 6 3/4 inches, Rick Lotterer; 1993, at Terre Haute, Ind.

Shot Put: 57 feet, 10 inches, John Gianini; 1979, at Monroe, La.

Discus: 173 feet, 11 /2 inch, Bill Lamberson; 1970, at Austin, Texas

Hammer Throw: 161 feet, 8 in., Steve Vincent; 1990, at Lawrence, Kan.

Long Jump: 26 feet, 1 inch, BaBou Saine; 1991, at Springfield, Mo.

High Jump: 7 feet, Curt Brand; 1986, at Macomb, III.

Triple Jump: 54 feet, 2 1/2 inches, Gregory Hughes; 2000, at Wichita, Kan.

Javelin: 210 feet, 1 inch, Terry Nurse; 2004, at Starkville, Miss.

Decathlon: 7,026 points, Roger Hawkins; 1998, at Normal, III.

Retired Plaster Sports Complex Records

100-Yard (91.44m) Dash: 9.6, Mel Gray, Fort Scott Community College. 1968; and Tim Johnson, Eastern Oklahoma, 1975

120-Yard (109.728m) High Hurdles: 14.2, Rodney Price. Eastern Oklahoma, 1974

220-Yard (201.168m) Dash: 21.4, Jerry Krumeich, Truman State, 1966; and Larry Jones, Truman State. 1972

400-Yard (365.76m) IM Hurdles: 53.2, Art Miller, Southeast Missouri State, 1972

440-Yard (402.336m) Dash: 47.1, Larry Jones, Truman State, 1972

800-Yard (731.52m) Run: 1:50.6, Jay Keal, Missouri State, 1972

Mile (1,609.344m) Relay: 1:25.0, Arkansas-Pine Bluff (Stinson, Francis, Thompson, Martin), 1967

Two-Mile (3,218.688m) Relay: 7:42.0, University of Arkansas (Auffet, Taylor, May, Wray), 1967

Two-Mile (3,218.688m) Run: 8:56.6, Dan Dwyer, Missouri State, 1975

Three-Mile (4,828.032m) Run: 13:50.2, Dan Dwyer. Missouri State, 1976

Four-Mile (6,437.376m) Relay: 17:09.0, Missouri State (DeClue, Tideman, Prasuhn, Dwyer), 1975

Six-Mile (9,656.064m) Run: 29:52.8. Ron Tabb. Central Missouri, 1976

Sprint Medley Relay: 3:23.3, Arkansas-Pine Bluff (Golston, Thompson, Williams, Martin), 1965

Distance Medley Relay: 10:05.6, Westminster (Mo.) College (Shaw, Brown, Rice, Binggeli), 1973

' Briggs Stadium was renamed Plaster Sports Complex in 1991-92.