Kyle Moats
Kyle Moats
Athletic Director Thanks MSU Students

Oct. 22, 2013

Dear Students:

 This past weekend was a momentous one.  We crowned two great students as King and Queen.  Hosted thousands of alumni back to campus,  conducted numerous events showcasing our students and defeated nationally-ranked South Dakota State in football just to mention a few. 

 In addition to all of these wonderful events, the students overwhelming passed the B.E.A.R. Fee, which was statement heard loud and clear that we want our Missouri State experience to be bigger and bolder.  The $50 per semester fee, as most of you know, will go to improve recreation and athletic facilities, as well as the game day experience for all students.  These facilities will be used by the entire student body.  As a result of this vote the entire campus will be transformed, and our profile will yet again be elevated just as JQH Arena, the Foster Recreation Center and the Allison Intramural Fields have done.  This collaborative event between administration, students, recreation and  athletics yet again proves  that as we work together, communicate and trust one another great change can be accomplished.

 This is an exciting time to be a part of Missouri State University.  I’m excited because of the leadership we have at the administrative level in President Smart.  I’m equally as impressed with David Schneider and his ability to tackle difficult issues head on and handle them with  such great composure.  When I spoke to David last year as he was developing his platform, the fee was one of the issues we discussed.  He was very much in favor of it and what it would mean for all students.  I appreciate his conviction and his tireless work in moving this initiative past the “goal line”.  Just as important to the success of this project was Matthaus Klute.  Matthaus spent an enormous amount of time educating, researching and being involved in committee meetings throughout the summer in preparation for the vote.  His dedication will not be forgotten.  Both of these young men and many others should be proud of this accomplishment.  They have truly changed the face of the university and helped make it a better place.

 On behalf of our entire department, I can’t thank you, the STUDENTS, enough for your support.  We heard you loud and clear.  We will continue to work hard and make you proud as we represent Missouri State University in the field of competition.

 Go Bears!!


Kyle Moats

Director of Athletics