2013 APR Report
2013 APR Report
All Missouri State Athletics Programs Meet NCAA APR Requirements

June 11, 2013

NCAA News Release  |  Programs with NCAA Penalties


INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA publicly released its annual Academic Progress Rate (APR) report for Division I institutions on Tuesday (June 11), and Missouri State University's 16 intercollegiate programs are all listed in good standing for the second straight year.


The APR formula is based on the percentage of eligibility and retention points earned by student-athletes receiving athletics aid in each sport. A 1000 APR, for instance, is a perfect score, and a 952 represents a 95.2 percent accumulation of all possible eligibility and retention points.  This is the tenth year the NCAA has released the APR data of its Division I institutions.


The current APR standards require all Division I programs to have an APR score of 900 or better for the most recent four-year period or a 930 average over the last two years. All of MSU's programs exceed the 900 multi-year (four-year) rate, which includes the school years 2008-09 through 2011-12. Likewise, all MSU programs exceed the 930 average over the most-recent two-year period, the NCAA's other metric for APR compliance. 


The multi-year (four-year) APR for MSU's 16 programs are: baseball 949, men's basketball 923, football 923, men's golf 979, men's soccer 984, men's swimming 971, women's basketball 978, women's cross country 982, field hockey 976, women's golf 983, softball 979, women's soccer 985, women's swimming 975, women's indoor track 959, women's outdoor track 963, and volleyball 990. Five programs exceeded a 980 four-year APR rate.


Both the Missouri State men's basketball and football programs remain under the direction of an NCAA-approved improvement plan, put in place three years ago. The men's basketball single-year APR score has improved from 914 to 963 since 2010 to show dramatic improvement. Similarly, the Missouri State football APR score improved from 911 to 937 during the same three-year period.


Missouri State Director of Athletics Kyle Moats said he was content with this year's NCAA APR report, which he has made a priority for all MSU teams.


"We have continued to make progress in a lot of areas, and we're happy with this year's numbers," Moats explained. "Remaining in good standing with our APR scores is very important to us, and our coaches know that.  There is always work to be done, but I think our scores over the last couple of years have demonstrated our commitment to maintaining compliant programs."


A total of 18 Division I institutions received postseason ineligibility penalties based on failure to meet the NCAA's APR standards. Six NCAA Division I men's basketball programs, for instance, will face postseason bans in 2013-14 for historical penalties.


The revised NCAA APR requirements will remain in place through 2013-14, but will change for 2014-15 to require a multi-year rate of 930 or 940 average for the most recent two years. By 2015-16, all programs must meet or exceed a 930 four-year rate.