The Office of Athletics Compliance coordinates and functions within the scope of the University's compliance efforts and acts as a resource center to coordinate, monitor and verify compliance with all NCAA requirements and to educate various constituencies of the University and the athletics community regarding NCAA regulations. In addition, the Office of Athletics Compliance provides educational programming and support to ensure that all individuals involved with the athletics program fully understand the University's compliance expectations. It is the responsibility of the Office of Athletics Compliance to ensure that the demands of the NCAA and the University's compliance efforts are properly supported.


Missouri State University is committed to the principle of institutional control in operating its athletics program in a manner that is consistent with the letter and the spirit of the NCAA, Conference and University rules and regulations. The University's commitment is to maintain control of its athletics programs through responsible administrators, faculty, and outside constituents to educate coaches, staff, student-athletes and other individuals involved with the athletics program in their institutional responsibilities under the rules; as well as to develop operating systems within the athletics department and the University which provide guidance in how to work within the rules and to discover and report any violations which may occur.