Representatives of Athletics Interest

Missouri State University is held responsible for any of the actions taken by its "representatives of athletics interest" in regards to prospective or current student-athletes. The NCAA has rules and regulations in place to limit the role representatives of athletics interest may take with regard to recruits and student-athletes. Not adhering to the rules and regulations could subject Missouri State University to severe penalties imposed by the NCAA. Even if a violation was unintentional, the eligibility of a prospect or enrolled student-athlete could be in jeopardy. No matter how minor it might seem, any violation may jeopardize a young individual's opportunity to attend and compete for Missouri State University. Also, Missouri State University will be exposed to NCAA sanctions and the representative of athletics interest could be disassociated from the program.

You are a Representative of Athletics Interest if you:

1. Participate in or have been a member in any of Missouri State's various Athletics Department booster groups, such as Bear Country, Fast Break, First Serve, Linksters, Papa Bears, Bears Fund, etc.

2. Make or have made a donation to any of Missouri State's athletics programs.

3. Provide or have helped to arrange summer employment for student-athletes.

4. Have been involved in promoting Missouri State Athletics in any way.

5. Are the parent(s) or legal guardians of an enrolled student-athlete.

6. Participated as a varsity athlete at Missouri State.

7. Are or ever have been a Missouri State season ticket holder.

According to the NCAA, once an individual has been identified as an Athletics Representative, he or she retains this identity forever, even if that person no longer contributes to the athletics program.

***For more information on this topic, please visit the Office of Athletics Compliance website at or contact Shamika Kentish, Assistant AD for Compliance, at (417) 836-4377.