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On behalf of the athletic training staff at Missouri State University, we would like to welcome you and your team to Springfield, Missouri! The athletic training room will be available before, during, and after competition. If your team has any special needs, please let us know in advance so we can provide for you accordingly.

For your convenience, the following items will be available during all competitions: water, ice and ice bags, cups, biohazard materials, and emergency equipment. A hydrocollator will also be available depending on the location. A certified athletic trainer will be on site during all competitions and one of our team physicians and/or orthopedic physicians will be on call, as well, for emergency situations.

If your team will be traveling with a student athletic trainer and not a certified athletic trainer, a letter of treatment authorization signed by a certified athletic trainer must accompany the student athletic trainer traveling with the team.

Again, we are looking forward to your visit. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us using the information listed on the Staff page. Have a safe trip, and welcome to Missouri State University!


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Forsythe Athletic Training Room serves as the central athletic training facility on Missouri State's campus. The athletic training room contains separate areas for rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and taping and also includes a staff office and a private examination room equipped with Dynamotion x-ray technology. It serves as the main rehabilitation facility for all student-athletes and for the football, men's and women's soccer teams, women's track and cross country teams and field hockey.

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Hammons Student Center Athletic Training Room serves as the pre-/post-practice facility for men's and women's basketball, volleyball and men's and women's swimming and diving teams. It provides an area for taping, therapy, and hydrotherapy, as well as, a private staff office.

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Killian Sports Complex Athletic Training Room serves as the pre-/post-practice and game-day facility for the softball team at Missouri State.

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Hammons Field Athletic Training Room serves as the pre-/post-practice and game-day facility for the baseball team at Missouri State.

Area Businesses

Walgreens (1 mile from MSU) MAP
1155 East Saint Louis Street
Springfield, Mo. 65806
(417) 862-5302

CVS Pharmacy (2 miles from MSU) MAP
1735 South Glenstone Avenue
Springfield, Mo. 65804
(417) 881-7651

Mercy Hospital-Springfield (1 mile south on National Ave. from MSU) MAP
1235 East Cherokee Street
Springfield, Mo. 65804
(417) 820-2000

Cox Hospital (3.6 miles south on National Ave. from MSU) MAP
3801 South National Avenue
Springfield, Mo. 65807
(417) 269-6000