The Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Academic Achievement Center offers a wide variety of services to all student-athletes.

Study Hall

As freshmen or transfer students enter the University for the first time, it is very important to get off on the right foot.  We require each student-athlete that is a freshmen or a first semester transfer student to attend study hall.  Beyond the first semester of school at Missouri State, the hours required to attend study hall will depend on your cumulative GPA.  Each coach determines his or her team's requirements.

The first question many students ask when they learn they have to attend study hall is: How am I supposed to have time for study hall when I have class, practice, therapy and a social life?  The first thing the student-athlete must learn is TIME MANAGEMENT.   We offer a wide variety of hours for the students to complete their required hours in study hall. 

Center Hours:


6:00 p.m.


9:00 p.m.

Monday - Thursday    8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. to

3:00 p.m.

The variety of hours offers the student-athlete every opportunity to succeed in college.   We suggest that all student-athletes that have a break between classes come to the center and spend time studying.  It is always best to review after a class.  If you spend a little time immediately after class, future study sessions will only be easier. 


Every student-athlete has the opportunity to use the tutors in our center whether they are required to attend study hall or not. The tutor service is provided to the student-athletes at no charge and is available at the evening study hall sessions or by appointment. At the beginning of each year, we hire tutors that can assist with the basic general education areas of school. These areas include: math, sciences, english, history, etc... Once a student-athlete has chosen a major and begun upper level classes, it may be necessary to find a more advanced tutor. We will do our best to find a tutor whenever the student-athlete shows a need. These tutors will be more of a one on one basis unless a group of students have the same class and need help.

Advising & Registration


Another aspect of The Achievement Center is academic advising.  Achievement Center staff has completed workshops on advisement requirements and are certified as Master Advisors.  Their knowledge is then passed to each staff member that works with a team. 

Our staff works mostly with the freshmen and sophomores on general education.   Each student must complete between 45-50 hours of general education classes.   Student-athletes are advised to work on these classes while they decide on a major.   Once a student declares a major, an advisor within that department is assigned.  It is better to have the departments advise each major rather than our staff trying to memorize each requirement. 

After a student-athletes have worked with their departmental advisors, we work with the student-athletes to make sure their class schedules will fit with other obligations:  practice, games, travel, etc...  As soon as the S-A has decided on classes that will count toward his/her major, and determined that the times will work with all obligations, we can then register the S-A at The Achievement Center. 

Priority Registration

All S-A's get a one day priority over their academic class.   For example, if a sophomore wants to register, they can start registering one day prior to the sophomores of the general student body.  Student-athletes must register at The Achievement Center or through the online registration system on campus. 

This is a great advantage not only for the S-A, but for The Achievement Center staff as well.  The S-A's get priority and the staff can monitor any problems that may occur with scheduling. 


Not only is our center furnished with a study center, tutor rooms and tutors, but we also provide two computer labs for student-athletes.  Student-athletes are able to e-mail, complete internet research or simply type their papers.  

Many campuses across the nation are becoming very high tech.  Missouri State is one such campus where instructors use e-mail to give and receive assignments and the internet to complete research.  

Our lab is furnished with twenty-two computers that are equipped with the same software available in the University's open labs.  

We also have a limited number of laptop computers that the teams may check out when they travel for competition.   

As with any service or business, we continue to develop and expand as technology changes.

Academic Monitoring & Eligibility

Once a student-athlete has gone through the initial eligibility standards and been accepted at an institution, the next step is continuous eligibility.  At Missouri State, the compliance office and The Achievement Center work together to monitor a student-athlete's eligibility.  There are many different areas of eligibility including financial aid, academics, etc...  The Achievement Center is concerned mostly with the satisfactory progress and continuous eligibility standards.  Each student-athlete is subject to making progress toward a degree.  Our staff spends a majority of its time working toward this goal. 

The presidents of member institutions have set up standards that each student-athlete must comply with on a yearly basis.  The NCAA is responsible for monitoring each institution's compliance with these standards.  Each student must make progress in each of three areas: hours passed each year (24 hour rule), grade point average (90/95/100 rule) and percentage of degree completion (40/60/80 rule).  The current versions of these rules apply to anyone who enters college on a full-time basis after Fall 2003.

Visit the NCAA Eligibility page to learn more about the specific rules.

Bear Cup (CHAMPS/Life Skills)

Quest for the Cup 

The Bear Cup is the trophy given to the Missouri State Athletic Team that successfully gains more points in the Five Commitment areas of our Life skills program. It will provide coaches and student-athletes with the opportunity to promote success and unity in the five commitment areas of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program.  The goal of the competition is simple.  Attend events in each category to earn points for your team.  At the end of the year, points will be totaled and team winner of the Bear Cup will be crowned at the annual "Bears All-Sport Showcase". 

The Bear Cup competition helps student-athletes succeed in all that the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program encompasses.  Through a fun and challenging competition, the Bear Cup encourages involvement on many levels.  It allows student-athletes to earn credit for participating in opportunities they might already be active in.  The Bear Cup competition will also reveal which coaches are committed to helping their student-athletes grow and build unity among teams as well as within them.

Categories of the Bear Cup

Student Development

This category offers both teams and individuals an opportunity to attend workshops and seminars that will encourage student-athletes to strive for their personal potential.  Examples of student development seminars include substance abuse workshops, diversity awareness, nutrition, and healthy body image.

Athletic Excellence

This category encourages student-athletes to support fellow BEARS in competition.  Each week, student athletes will have the opportunity to attend home events of their peers.  For major games against ranked teams or rivals, we may offer double points for attending.  Teams will also have the opportunity to help market another team's competition for additional points. 

Academic Achievement

This category provides opportunities for student-athletes to challenge themselves academically through attending workshops covering topics such as study skills, time management, and test anxiety.  The academic category also provides a chance for teams to compete for the highest team GPA.

Career Development

The career category encompasses a wide variety of workshops and seminars designed to prepare student-athletes for the working world.  Seminars could include anything from resume writing, dressing for success, interviewing tips and conducting a job search. 

Community Service

This category refers to the BEAR tradition of community involvement.  Points are awarded to individuals and teams for participating in Bear Care service projects in the Greater Springfield community. 


Student -Athletes Making Progress towards Degree

This program was instituted in the fall of 2010 in an effort to assist student-athletes who are admitted to Missouri State University as an exception to our admissions policy. This is mandatory for all student-athletes who are admitted through admissions alternatives. The program is designed to assist student-athletes with the transition from high school to college. The program will cover the first year of the student-athletes academic career. Once a week, 1 hour meetings will be conducted to include the following components.

  • First Year experience
  • Multicultural programming
  • Tutoring/Objective Based Study Hall
  • Career Planning
  • Mentoring
  • Campus Organizations
  • The program is modeled after student development theory that suggests that students that are more connected to their campuses are more likely to be retained and graduate. The Achievement Center staff will incorporate study strategies, objective based study hall, tutoring, note taking strategies, and mandatory meetings with the Math lab, and the writing Center on campus to ensure improvement in their academic skills.

    This is an excellent opportunity for student-athletes to focus in on their individual goals, and learn from those who have been successful at Missouri State University.